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Welcome, dino lovers! Join Path Of Titans and instead of roaming the islands as a person, now you can be the dino!

We’ve made an up to date list of all server providers who have reported to provide Path of Titans server hosting. If your unsure how to find the perfect server then our guides will arm you with the knowledge to do so.

Our lists of the best Path Of Titans hosting providers have all the information gathered that you would need to pick the best host. From slots to locations and even price we’ve put it all in one place so you can get a snapshot of all the info in one handy to use website.

Top Path Of Titans Server Hosting Providers – Updated 2022
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Best Rated 1 ServerBlend | 7 Days Satisfaction Guarantee | Auto Mod Install/Update | Game Auto Update
2 Ping Perfect | 7 Days To Die | 24 Hour Money Back Guarantee | Free Web Hosting | Loyalty Rewards System
3 GTXGaming | Money Back Guarantee | 24/7 Support | WorldWide Coverage
4 Survival Servers | No Money-back Guarantee | Custom Panel | Founded in 2012
5 Fragnet | Satisfaction Guarantee | 24/7 Support | WorldWide Coverage
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LOW.MS | Instant Setup | 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

6 LOW.MS |  Instant Setup | 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
7 SouthNode | Money-back Guarantee | Instant Setup | Loyalty Benefits
8 Citadel Servers | Founded in 2012 | Instant Setup | Loyalty Benefits

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What is Path of Titans?

Path of Titans is an online MMO dinosaur video game currently in active development by Alderon Games. It is being created for home computers and mobile devices fully compatible with cross-platform play. 

You can play as one of 18 core dinosaurs in an immersive ecosystem filled with AI creatures.  Servers allow up to 200 players. You can explore an environment filled with natural events, quests, guilds, adventures, and free-form play, all while enjoying a rich life, avoiding death, and augmenting your dinosaur to suit your play style.

Path of Titans provides the framework for dinosaur enthusiasts to roleplay as their favourite prehistoric beasts.